Now what?

I am getting frustrated with the lack of resources. Since last week, I have tried the only five resources I know of to get #1 help. One sent me to another, left a message for that one. Tried another,  they sent me to another, left a message for that one too. One tells me that her symptoms aren’t bad enough. It is no wonder the rate of teen suicide has gone up, it is difficult to get them help before it gets there.
Today, I found an electronic cigarette in her room. She tried to tell me it was her father’s and she didn’t know why she had it. I am at my wits end and out of ideas. We are pretty sure she has been stealing from us. I don’t know what to do.
#2 has been great. He has done an amazing job babysitting. He is like night and day. I can’t believe it!
I am so far behind on my homework it isn’t even funny. Every time I start to work on it, either I can’t concentrate,  or something needs to be dealt with. Midterms are the next 2 Mondays.
I feel like pulling out my hair!