What is your favorite part of being a parent?

No matter how stressed I get, “Lu loo Mommy” can always make me smile. #4 has a fairly big vocabulary for her age and I am constantly amazed at what I hear from her. She can usually make me smile.

I remember when #1 was about four, I was very upset about an argument with my best friend. She came in to the kitchen and said, “Mommy, you look like you need a hug.” That girl’s heart has never stopped growing.

#2 has a heart bigger than most adults. He always wants to cuddle and hug everyone.

#3 knows how to cuddle and love. He just has so much energy that he doesn’t sit still much.

The best part of being a parent is feeling their unconditional love returned. Another great thing about being a parent is seeing the things you have taught your child come out in them.

In difficult times, we all should look at what we do have. This is what matters. My children and my husband. Without them, I would not be me. All the stress that has been rampant in my life lately has definitely taken a toll on my perspective, but taking  a blessings inventory has helped some.

You can pick your nose…

Sometimes, we are born with great families.

Sometimes, we are raised by great families.

Sometimes, we marry into great families.

Sometimes, we are blessed to have great friends that become our family.

When we were in school, we convinced everyone we were sisters. We have definitely had our rough spots. But we always know the other one is there somewhere. I thank God for all he has given me in you.


The sky is falling…

As if things couldn’t get any worse, we got a notice of default taped to our house today. Unfortunately, it was my inlaws that drove by and told me there was papers taped to the house. “Looks like you’re getting evicted.” Little did she know, that is exactly what it was. I have 30 days to come up with almost $8,000. I can come up with $4500 for sure. Hopefully that will appease them for now.

I feel comfortable sharing this with you because there is only one person that knows my true identity and she promised not to say anything or criticize me for what she reads. God bless her for that silence.

I know all the criticisms that could come from this post. Trust me, I have already said them to myself.

My prayer for tonight:
Dear God,
Please watch over my family and me during this rough time. Help us to come up with a plan to keep our home. I do not want to lose my home.
Please, Lord, help our business take off so that we can make it.
Please grant my son the peace he needs to get through life and us the peace and guidance to give him what he needs. Amen


My step brother called last week to tell me that his wife is pregnant. This should be a joyous thing. All I managed to say was, “Sounds like your wife needs better birth control.” Now, before you get offended, there are some things you should know about my brother (24 yrs old).

First, he signed his rights to his oldest child (almost 7) away in an open CPS adoption after he and the mother decided that drugs were more important. The child was only about 18 months at the time. He has not stayed in touch.

Second, he is on SSI (he can work, I have seen it) and his wife doesn’t work. They have two kids (2 and 7 months).

Third, he found out about a year ago that he is also the father of his ex-girlfriend’s child. He refused to sign his rights away to this one, but has never met him.

He owes one state about $20-25,000 in child support, but will never have to pay it unless his wife gets a job and they file taxes. Who knows how mug he owes the other state.

Yes I am upset by this, but seriously? Did I mention that my brother and his wife live in the same city as my dad and step mom because they never cut the umbilical cord? My dad makes a large salary, but it is wasted on helping my brother and his family. When I have an emergency, they “can’t afford it.” I have not seen my dad in over two years. They have not even met #4.

I think people who are on welfare or SSI should be required to have effective birth control. I also think that it is crappy that people like this are sucking up the social security I have earned so it won’t be there when I need it. They give it to them and then increase it with every child they have.

Well, there was my rant for the day.

My Husband

Ok, I know, I tend to complain a bunch. However, once in a while, something little makes me realize how lucky I really am.

For one, my husband loves me. I mean REALLY loves me. Unconditionally. I know that, but sometimes I forget. I get reminded by the little things. The random love notes in my homework, in my pants pocket when I get dressed, on the bathroom mirror, taped to the back door…you get the picture. Yes, we fight. But neither one of us will ever go any where. We are in this for life.

Another thing, he loves our children. We were in the truck with #4 yesterday and I was on the phone with my mom. My husband was being silly with #4 and my mom said, “That’s one of the things I love about him, he’s not afraid to be willy with his kids.” That, he definitely is not. His love of kids and how well he gets along with kids is one of the first things I fell in love with.

So, despite my many complaints about my husband, he really isn’t that bad.