Tired and overwhelmed

Just when I think that he is finally going to be held accountable for his actions, I am proven wrong. Woke up from a nap yesterday to a voicemail from an attorney letting me know that they may be representing KD and would be asking for a continuance. I called the lady back and to told her that on April 3, the commissioner who signed the continuance that day also put that there would be no further continuances. I show up today and the attorney tells me that he is not representing KD at this point and he told KD that he needed to show up for docket call. The commissioner calls our case and the attorney states that he is not representing KD, but KD had told him that he was on his way. The commissioner waited to recall the case until the end of the docket and KD had still not appeared. The commissioner told me to get our file and take my orders to be signed in default. I got to the courtroom and KD had called. The commissioner in that room refused to find him in default even though another commissioner already had.


Then KD kept trying to get a continuance. Fortunately, this was the same commissioner that had ordered no more continuances.
We are second motion at 1:30 in front of a commissioner that isn’t ours. I sat in on a couple of hearings in her courtroom this morning to get a feel for her and she seems reasonable. KD has not filed any response to any of my documents so he really has no argument.
I should still win, but it is the principle now. I am tired of him being rewarded for being lazy. The court has continuously shown him that he can do what ever he wants and they don’t care. They wonder why we keep ending up in court?
I may end up with the kids starting tonight after school if the commissioner signs all of my orders. I am not asking for much. Just primary custody, sole decision-making, kids registered for school from my house, him not driving the kids, written authorization to verify his liability insurance once he gets his license and insurance back, and whoever is living in the home be required to undergo a background check before the kids can go over there.
He continuously shows that he cannot/will not assist me in making decisions for our children. Their counselor is stopping private practice so I told him that we need to discuss the next step in  counseling for the kids, his response (26 hours later) was that we could discuss it with his new attorney. Yeah, the same one that hasn’t received any money and isn’t officially representing him as of this morning. I will appeal the decision if they don’t give me what I am asking for. He cannot be rewarded for his continued disrespect for the courts and their orders.
I just feel really overwhelmed right now. I took one of my anxiety pills about an hour before docket call, but at this point, it isn’t helping. I am exhauseted. I am frustrated. I am pissed.
On the bright side, I am meeting various attorneys in our area while hanging out at the courthouse.


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  1. so sorry youre going through this BS…so am I, and I really feel your pain. No matter what my ex does wrong; neglect, drug use, etc, the court keeps giving him more chances. Its really maddening, overwhelming, exhausting, and terrifying. I’m with you in solidarity, sister! Dont give up!

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