Rewarded for Being Stupid…again

As usual, KD got his way. How does that work? He asked for a continuance and by the time we argued it in front of a commissioner, the docket was full. His excuse was needing to seek counsel. On the plus side, the commissioner did write on the continuance order that there were to be no more continuances. So, all three contempt motions will be heard at the same time in two weeks. I made it clear that if I saw KD driving, I would call 911.
While I was waiting for docket call, his former attorney saw me and asked if I was there for our case again and I said yes and told him why, including that the proof of insurance KD provided him was invalid. He looked at me, “I had nothing to do with that.” I told him that I didn’t think he did.
I am so sick of him being rewarded for his blatant disregard for our parenting plan. It’s ok, it will give me a chance to file another contempt charge on his lack of response time.
I’m done with his crap.
Which means another two weeks until I can get him some help for his mood swings. Oh goody.
I’m tired. I feel so wronged by the system, again. I guess that’s another reason why I am going into law, to fix crap like this and make sure people like him get what’s coming to them.


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