Moving Sucks!

Moving sucks, but moving two separate households into two separate households really sucks. I knew going into this move that Alex had his own stuff to worry about because he was supposed to be out of town for work next weekend. I knew that I was not a priority. This house is his first step to creating a new life for him and the girls. I know I spend more time at his place than he does at mine, but that is his choice, not mine. I just got frustrated that I did so much for his move and he put off the only thing I asked for help with. I wouldn’t have even asked for help if I had the tools myself because I didn’t want to bother him. Then when I stopped unpacking at my place to take him his load of laundry, have a late dinner, and go to bed, he asked me to empty a box. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that he helped with the bed for #2, picked up some thugs at the old apartment, brought a load in his car, and put my bed together. I just had high expectations. I shouldn’t have, but I did.
There were people I expected to help me, but few did. S and E came Friday with her work can and his trailer. They brought her 21yr old also. It’s basically done now. A few incidentals left. Now for the unpacking.
The new job is going well!! I love the people.
My stepmom has been in the ICU since Friday with pneumonia in both lungs. She can’t keep her O2 sats up long enough to take the mask off, but Dad said she ate today.