Quiet Hospital Room

It’s almost 11:00 PM and I am not sleepy. #2 is snoring lightly, the IV pump is making its noises, the suction machine is making its noises, the heating system rattles, and I have Pandora playing in my ear. Otherwise, this hospital room is quiet. The lights are off and the only lights are the IV pump and the ones from the hall. This recliner is not exactly comfortable, but it is right next to my baby (yes, I know he’s 11).

It all started with a text from KD on Sunday that #2 was complaining of his stomach hurting and he’d thrown up once. When I talked to the kids Sunday night, he sounded horrible. I picked the kids up from KD Monday morning, dropped #1 and #3 at the bus and went home. I gave #2 some acetaminophen and tried to get him comfortable. Made him a doctor appointment for 8:20. His doctor sent us to get an ultrasound at 9:15to rule out appendicitis. You see, his pain was mid-lower abdomen, not the right. The radiology technician and the radiologist were unable to find the appendix. We went home and waited to hear from the doctor as to what the next step was. She finally called about 11:25 and told me to take him to the emergency room because they would be quicker with the tests. We got to ER at 12:05. The doctor finally came in around 2:00. #2 was in pain and #4 was with us, but she was doing a great job. The doctor ordered an X-ray that ended up showing a great deal of gas in his abdomen. The blood tests showed an elevated white cell count. Then they did a CT scan. The scan showed a perforated appendix. He was in surgery at 7:00.

The surgery went well. They left a tube up his nose and down his throat to drain his abdomen. That tube has been his chief complaint.

The logistics of the other three has been the hard part. KD is not helping. Oh wait, he took the two to school and brought me #4. Oooooh!

The portion of the hospital we are in also houses the pediatric oncology patients. It’s sad to see so many bald kids. It is also heartbreaking to see how many kids are up here all alone.

Well, I guess I should get some sleep before the nurse comes in and makes noise. Besides I have kids to take to school tomorrow.


One thought on “Quiet Hospital Room

  1. Good job momma getting him taken care of. I love your quote about parenting – so true! I have a friend feeling that same way right now with her challenging kiddo. Hope you got some rest and the kid is feeling better!

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