Not just physically

Ever have a moment when you feel completely and utterly alone? Not just physically either. That alone where you just feel empty? I feel that right now. I felt that today.

I have to admit, once we got past the rough morning, the rest of the day went well. Took #2 and #4 to karate. #1 made sure #3 finished his room. #2 had a Boy Scout flag ceremony to participate in so the rest of us took a short trip to the library, came home, had dinner, showers got done, picked up #2, everyone did some reading. All four (4) went to bed without a fight. I watched three (3) episodes of Medium on Netflix (intended to watch one) and worked on Alex’s blanket. This whole evening I thought about how nice. It would have been to share the joy of an electronic free peaceful evening spent with my kids. Texted a bit with Alex, but tried not to bother him. He played our word game a couple of times. I appreciate when he plays, makes feel less alone.

I’m tired. Not just physically either.




Alex sent this last one to me two years ago. I think it about him.


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