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Some surprise, KD’s attorney never heard from him about next week. Why is he getting away with this?? I emailed KD and his mother about Christmas and my repeated attempts to contact him about it. I also sent this email to my attorney and the Guardian Ad Litem.

Between that and my all day bus adventure, I am exhausted. However, I am wide awake, again. I am supposed to catch a bus at 5:40 tomorrow morning so I can get to work by 8. I hate weekend bus schedules around here.

Alex and the girls are supposed to come over tomorrow night for dinner and cake to celebrate A2’s birthday. I am almost as nervous as the first time we got them all together. I know how important it is that it not be hectic (HA!), but I don’t know how to get that.

Tonight, #2 was mad at #3 because #2 wanted them to sleep together and #3 didn’t. It turned into one of #2’s fits. He got me so pissed off when he said that he was never going to come back here after the next time he went to KD’s because of what he would tell him. I lost it. I told him that he couldn’t not come here because his grandmother was too busy to take him and that whatever else was going on in her life was more important to her. That trying to make me mad was so important to his father won’t respond to me or his own attorney about Christmas. That his father obviously didn’t care or he would fight harder. OOPS.

These kids are going through so much that they don’t know how to handle. They are dealing with things that no kid should ever have to. I know what they are going through, at least somewhat.

Well, as I have been typing, an email came in finally from KD, at 10:48 PM.

Here is the sequence of



On Dec 20, 2013, at 4:30 PM, [mominreality] wrote:


I sent you am email on December 3 regarding Christmas. My attorney called your attorney on or about December 11 regarding Christmas. On December 17, my attorney called and emailed your attorney regarding Christmas. I texted you regarding Christmas on December 17, December 19, and today regarding Christmas. My attorney called your attorney today regarding Christmas. I still do not know what your plans are. You have not been exercising the weekday portion of your time due to your mom’s unavailability. I just want to know when/if you plan to take the kids for your week and your Christmas. The kids continue to ask what is going on. I need to know what the plan is.

Thank you,


Pretty reasonable, I think. Am I wrong?

On Dec 20, 2013, at 10:48 PM, [KD] wrote:


We have spoken on numerous occasions about Christmas, there were witnesses if necessary. I will tentatively be there to pick up the kids at 7:00am on Monday. Pick up on Thursday at 6:00pm at my house. Pick up at your house at 6:00pm on Friday. Pick up at my house 7:00am Monday.

“We’ve spoken on numerous occasions about Christmas…” Really? Where was I?

On Dec 20, 2013, at 10:56 PM, [mominreality] wrote:


That is a blatant lie. We have not talked about Christmas at all, despite my documented attempts.

I will pick the kids up at your house on Monday December 30 at 7:00 am. If you need me to take them prior to that, you can drop them off at my house.

Are you planning on taking [#1]? As you are aware, the paperwork does not give you holidays/special occasions with her. However, I have told her that she needs to spend Christmas wherever her siblings are.

Would it be easier for you to just get the kids on Sunday evening in time to take [#2] to karate (as previously stated, my car is currently out of commission and he will not be going this weekend otherwise)? In addition, it will make it so the kids can sleep in on the first official day of Christmas break.

Thank you,

Again, pretty reasonable. The GAL was cc’d on all three emails.

I forwarded it to Alex. I should have expected his response, but of course I didn’t. He pointed out that KD said tentatively. Well, thank you for raining on my parade. Can you just be proud of me for standing up for myself? Is that really too much to ask? I contemplated responding that way via text, but I didn’t want to start a fight. Sometimes, it is better to hold my tongue because I cannot take back what I say and sometimes not holding my tongue gets me in trouble.

At this point, I just wish KD would drop off the face of the earth. I wish he would be one of those uninvolved, stereotypical, deadbeat dads. Yep, I am sure I just pissed some of you off, but I don’t care. My kids don’t need him in their lives if he isn’t going to care about them. Like everything else, it is all for show with him.

Ok. Back to the discussion about tomorrow. I am scared and nervous. If it doesn’t go well, they won’t likely want to ever try it again. If it goes well, I will begin to get my hopes up again. As we all know, I am the hopeless romantic who’s hopes get up easily. I am just scared.

The bus adventure that I alluded to earlier was long. #4 and I started by walking from Grandma’s house to the bus stop at 9:15 this morning. We needed to be downtown for a 10:30 appointment. This involved 2 buses and about 6 blocks of walking. Then it started to snow (go figure!). After the appointment, we walked another 10-15 blocks to the library to waste time before we had to catch the bus that would take us to pick up the other three from their school bus at 1:05. We all got on the bus and headed back toward the bus plaza. This is when I realized that #4 and I had not eaten yet (oops). She ate her Lunchable and I had a slice of pizza. Then, off to see Santa. I figured why not? All four kids with Santa and I could snap a quick photo. I was wrong. No personal cameras unless you are buying one of their pictures. Ok, how much are the pictures? The cheapest was $21.99. NO WAY! Then, walk to the counselor’s office to get the stuff I forgot on Tuesday and then to the library to waste time until we need to catch a bus for my doctor appointment at 3:30. They didn’t call me back until about 4:00. Didn’t get on the bus back until 4:40. Downtown to get them each a hot cocoa on grandma and then catch the bus home. We finally got home at like 6:45 or something like that.

Once we got home, I started dinner (a pizza from Winco) and went about getting the window plastic at least on the slider door. After dinner, I made and decorated A2’s cake (strawberry with blue frosting, just as she requested). I am a sucker for those girls, but especially that one.

Maybe, now that I have typed all this out, maybe I can get some sleep.


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