Grow up…

This week is half over. The accident was one wee ago today. I am still no closer to finding out what my car situation is. My grandmother is getting irritated with me using her car. Thank goodness the kids only have two more days of school before break. Then, I can at least ride the bus earlier, stay later if they will let me, etc.

Still don’t know what KD is doing about Christmas. I emailed him and his mother on or about December 3 and requested that he notify me by like December 10, or I would contact the attorneys. On or about December 11, Pat called KD’s attorney. On December 18, Pat called again and they had not heard from KD (shock…), so Pat sent an email regarding Christmas and cc’d the GAL. That same day, I also sent KD and his mother a text because the kids said he wanted to talk to me about Christmas. Still no word. This isn’t fair to the kids. They keep asking me and I don’t have answers for them. He doesn’t realize he’s digging a hole with them.

The GAL stopped by for a home visit tonight. She asked if I had heard anything yet. I said no. Gave her the dates of when the contact had been made by me. She wants to know as soon as I do so either she can schedule a home visit with him, or she can schedule a meeting with the kids at her office. She also seemed surprised that KD is still only exercising his weekends and nothing more.

I just want the fight to be over. I want him to either grow up and be there for his kids, or disappear. They deserve consistency.

I haven’t been sleeping well the last few days. I’m sure it the stress level. I am exhausted, but wide awake.

I miss Alex. I miss A1 and A2. I am worried about the transportation issue. I keep thinking about work and school. I am frustrated with my kids and the blatant disrespect

Finally drowsy. Good night


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