I got in!

I checked my mail yesterday and there was the envelope. I was on the phone with my step-mom and I knew I had two choices. I could open it with her on the phone or I could wait until I got back to Alex’s. I am so not patient. I opened it with shaky hands….

I was accepted into the Gonzaga University School of Law!!! My only choice for law school and I have been accepted. On top of that, I was also awarded the Dean‘s Distinguished Achievement Scholarship at $20000 per school year! I have called everyone. I have told anyone who might care, and some who probably didn’t care in the slightest. I even posted it on Facebook, the only thing I have posted since I reactivated my account.

This is my F*** you to those that said I would not, or could not, do it. I will do it. I know it won’t be easy, but I am going to do this. Nothing and no one will stand in my way. I am too determined.

This was just another amazing piece of my weekend. The weekend was a little tense, but we made it. We enjoyed each other. We loved each other. We reminded ourselves what we have been holding onto. We may not last forever. We don’t know where we will land. One thing we do know, we are here now. We need to enjoy this for as long as we do have it.

Gonzaga University School of Law

Gonzaga University School of Law (Photo credit: Wikipedia)