“…she hadn’t lost everything.”

She wanted to say stop, I’m not ready, but even as she had the thought, pushed up by a lifelong fear, she knew it was a lie…They’d hurt each other, let each other down, and yet, here they were after everything, together. She needed him now, needed him to remind her that she was alive, and that she wasn’t alone, that she hadn’t lost everything.
~Home Front, Kristin Hannah

What a powerful quote. I read this part of the book on Saturday and am finishing this post on Sunday. However, I have dated this post for Friday because that is where it fit. This is how I felt. This is where I was. I was scared, but I wanted to be home in Alex’s arms. Have his body up next to mine. Feel his breath on my neck. Know that at least in that moment, I was going to be okay.



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