“But Mom, Why Can’t I?” – From the Canadian Women’s Foundation

Single with Kids!

The graphic from this post at the Canadian Women’s Foundation, entitled “But Mom, Why Can’t I?” summarizes my greatest fears about my daughter growing up with less than what I had hoped to give her.















I am lucky. I have my Mom and she is helping us so that I don’t have to say no to everything. In fact, it appears that I  say no to very little, as evidenced from the total and ridiculous excess of toys in the kiddo’s room.

But when I read this post, I was bothered by one part, which I don’t fully understand: “21% of all single mothers and their children live in poverty (Note: only 7% of single parent fathers and their children live in poverty) Single moms have a net worth of only about $17,000, while single dads…

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