Crabby Mommy

crabby mommyBack to being alone today. Didn’t sleep again last night. I hurt like hell. Took the kids to the library today because we had some stuff that was due back and I wanted to make sure there was no short supply of movies in this house over the next few days. Grandma wanted to do lunch and the kids’ birthday presents so we met her for lunch at McDonald’s…with a play-place…oh goodie. Then back to her house to do the birthdays (from this summer). However, after a half hour of me sitting with pain and exhaustion showing on my face while her and the older two kids looked for the presents, she decided that she gave up for today. The kids and I came home. #4 laid down for a nap, #1 and #2 walked to the store together, and #3 finished his movie from earlier. All this was while I laid on the couch dozing in and out because I hurt, had taken my medicine, was exhausted, and had heat on my belly and my back.mommy

Alex said yesterday that maybe him and the girls would come up today so that they could check on me. I told him today not to worry about it if the girls didn’t want to and/or he wasn’t up to it. I know that his patience was being pushed yesterday and he did an amazing job handling it and not letting it show. CE sent me a text yesterday that he might come check on me today, but that didn’t happen either. Grandma told me last night that she could take a couple of the kids, but then it started snowing and I would have had to go back and get them from her. I haven’t really heard from anyone else. My mother hasn’t even asked how I am feeling today. Grandma kept talking like she wants the kids and I to come back over tomorrow or Sunday. #1 wants to go to the store to see if she can find boots. Seriously???  Does anyone really care that I just had surgery three days ago?

I see all these emails when there is someone who is going through surgery (kids’ school and our church) about prayers and how we can help the family. No one even asked how they could help me. No one outside of Alex has really seemed to care. Well, GM did seem a little worried that I was over-doing it yesterday. What does that say about my life?? My boyfriend’s ex-wife cares more than any of my “friends.” I guess that says something about what kind of person I am if even she is nice  to me.

mommy knows bestI just wish that KD was not so…..uniquely special…. so that he could have his children when he is supposed to. Especially when something like this happens.

We shall see what the rest of the weekend brings. I made the kids put away their laundry today. #3 vacuumed and emptied all the garbage, #2 did dishes, #1 has been working on a science project. That is okay because she will be making dinner tomorrow. Possibly even lunch.

Well, time for Mommy-time before Mommy loses it. I sent these brats to bed 45 minutes ago and the boys are still in there talking. I don’t think I would care, but I can hear them and it is driving me batty!mommy first time

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