Alex has been amazing. I don’t ever remember anyone taking care of me before. Even at his mom’s today. From the time my mom brought my kids back, they were nonstop. Mom, come here. Mom, I need you. Fighting. I was up and down constantly. Finally, I decided I was better off just standing up.
I know Alex was at the end of his rope, but he didn’t lose it. I was proud of him. GM and the girls were out there for a bit and even GM got on the kids a bit. It was nice to have help.
However, from the moment we got in the car, they got worse. Fighting. All the way home. In the house. #4 was throwing a fit and out of habit I picked her up, carried her up the stairs, and put her in bed when she wouldn’t listen. Since 2 this afternoon, I’ve had 2 doses of pain meds, a hot buttered rum, and a lemon drop and I have been putting heat on most of the day, but I just want to climb in a hole.
My mom doesn’t have room to take them home with her. I have nothing else.
The kids are all in bed because I couldn’t take it anymore. I too am in bed. Took my last dose of pain meds at 7 when we got home. I have heat on my back and on my belly. I’m in bed. I hurt like hell.
Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully sleep will help all.


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