Pre-operation jitters

Sitting in preop. I’m way nervous. Held back the tears. Alex brought me in and went to work as soon as they brought me to preop. His cousin came and checked on me because she is one of the recovery nurses. One of the doctors is a parent from the kids’ school. Alex will pick me up afterwards. Even with all of that, I am feeling alone.
Got a text from my Dad that he will be waiting impatiently for Alex’s text that I am ok.
Kids are at my mom’s. Doctor said to call him on Friday because he is on call and he will get me released by Monday.
Feeling nervous about the what-ifs. What if they nick my bladder? What if I don’t recover well? I can’t afford to be off more than this week. Hell, I can’t even afford to be off this week. Well, they just asked if I’m ready so hopefully it’s time to go.

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