About me…

About me

One color that describes me is red because I try to love everyone.

My guilty pleasure is my Dr. Pepper. This is my me-thing.

My favorite thing to eat is popcorn.

If I could go anywhere I would go to Europe because of the history that is there.

If I could change the world I would end drug use. There are too many people, especially children, who are hurt by drug use.

My dream job would be the director of a teen pregnancy/parenting resource center. There are too few resources out there for teen parents. If you do an internet search on teen pregnancy or teen parents, you will find how to prevent it. I think prevention is great, but like all other things that we try to prevent, it will still happen. These teens need resources when it does.

When I have free time I like to crochet, read, spend time with those I love.

I dream of happiness. I dream of being part of a family again. Being part of a partnership forever.

My style is relaxed. I love my jeans, tank tops, and my fleece. I love my sweatshirts. I do know how to dress up and I like to once in a while.


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