Tomorrow is my preop appointment to go over the hysterectomy officially. Alex has his own doctor appointment so I will be going alone. I am nervous, but I keep telling myself that I am a thirty-year old woman who can go to a doctor appointment alone. He asked me if it was okay before he scheduled his appointment. I told him it was okay because I knew he needed to go without having to take a day off of work and I want him to be able to get this all done as soon as possible because he needs it. Besides, I really should be fine and should be able to go alone. As long as I do not have to go to the actual procedure alone I will be fine.

Found out tonight that KD and his mother will not be taking the kids for his weekend after Thanksgiving because she will be going to see her brand new grand-baby in Texas. I was the nice ex wife and offered a make-up weekend. I offered him the weekend before, or the weekend after. I also told him that each weekend there would be one child unavailable due to preplanned activities.

I am more worried about the days after the hysterectomy than I am the actual procedure. I keep saying that I have alternatives, but what do I really have? #4 cannot go to daycare because the state will only let her be there when I am at work. My mom says that she will come up and help, but I know how she can be sometimes. How will I get the kids to and from the bus? I am not so worried about the rest, just that and the first night.

Things are not going that great with Alex and I because of #1 and her attitude. I just don’t know what to do about it though. I made her miss volleyball on Friday and I am strongly considering pulling her from volleyball completely. She needs to have consequences and this is the only thing that I can seem to come up with.


2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. Hope you’re all well and healed by now! I have had thoughts of how do mothers have a hysterectomy when they have a child (or children) at home. I don’t have any children so I have the luxury of being attentive to me and me only … but I still think about all the moms out there who have to take care of themselves AND children.

    Again, hope all went well! 🙂

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