The gynecologist called yesterday. I have an enlarged uterus and a polyp. I have a pre-op appointment on November 11, I decided to just do the hysterectomy. He does the procedure as a robotic-assisted laporoscopic vaginal procedure. It is an outpatient procedure. The nurse said that I will not be able to push, pull, or lift anything over 10 pounds for about two weeks. I asked her about driving. She said that as soon as I stop taking the narcotic pain medication, I will be able to start driving. I have already talked to my mom to see if she will come to town and help me out for a day or two. She said that she will. I am hoping to have the procedure on a Thursday before KD’s week so that I only have to worry about the night of, the morning after, and the evening after. As soon as I have a date, I will call KD and his mom to see if they will take the kids. If they won’t, my mom will help. If they do, I will just stay at Alex’s.

I am nervous. Nervous about the pre-op. Nervous about the procedure. Nervous about the recovery. I have never done something this major on my own before. When I had my tonsils out, it was my parents. When I had my kids, my kidney stones, and my tubal-ligation, it was KD. I just have never gone alone. Alex is going to have the girls’ babysitter take them for a bit on the day of my pre-op so he can go with me. I don’t think that he really realizes how much it means to me that he is going to go with me. He is also going to try to take the day of the procedure off so that he can take me to and from the hospital.

Alex and the girls came over for dinner again tonight. They even brought dinner with them. I am starting to get used to seeing them every Wednesday for dinner. I am enjoying it. Realized today that Alex will have the girls for part of this weekend because GM has class on Saturday. However, A1 doesn’t know if she wants me to come over or not. That thought did not even cross my mind because it has been so long since they have had a problem with it.

KD is picking up #2, #3, and #4 at 5:00 PM tomorrow and will drop them back off at 8:00 PM. #1 decided that she did not want to go. She doesn’t get off the bus until 6:00 PM from volleyball practice every night. Then, she has homework. So, I do not blame her for wanting to just stay home.