I Won’t Give Up


I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz is a song I’ve sent to Alex numerous times.

The three of them came over tonight for dinner and it was a nice night. The girls even called and said so.

A1 and I had a nice little talk. She told me that she was scared she wouldn’t get to see us anymore. I told her that I was too, but I would always be here for them. I told her that no matter what happens, Alex and I will stay friends and I will still see them. They (Alex and the girls) invited me to dinner with them at Alex’s grandparents’ on Saturday night. I’m going. Then after, A1 is staying with the grandparents and according to A2, her, Alex, and I will be sharing his bed. I think she’s okay with us together, don’t you?!?

I put my ring back on today. I also put my necklace back on. Oh yeah, and I gave Alex his set of keys for my place and my car back to him. I’m still in this. I just need to take a breath and remember that he’s stressing over more than just us. Who knows how long this federal furlough will last.

Are we us? Are we US? Who knows! I love all seven of them more than any of them will ever realize and I can’t give up on us or US.

Well, all is quiet at my place and so I am going to try to finish this blanket.


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