Oh the possibilities…

How can a person stand next to someone they once loved and not be able to talk about the one thing they have in common? Especially when that thing is your children? I just don’t understand.
KD and I ended up on the same elevator on the way to today’s required meetings for #2’s behavior program. I tried to talk to him about the plans for this Friday and he just looked at me and pulled out his phone. Then, I brought up Halloween, he just ignored me. Oh, but remember, “this is a shared parenting plan.”


We met with the program doctor today. When they do their psychological testing next week, they will be looking at Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), part of the Autism Spectrum, and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). That is a lot to process in one conversation, especially one that was scheduled for five (5) minutes. Then we went to our weekly parenting class. This week, we discussed disengaging from our child’s behavior and acknowledging our own emotions before dealing with the child’s behavior. One of the resources she gave us (http://m.empoweringparents.com/the-10-rules-of-dealing-with-an-angry-child.php) was interesting and hopefully will help with the others also.
I feel guilty that he didn’t get the help sooner, but like Alex reminded me, I can’t change the past.





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