What now?

Can we really go back to being just friends? We’ve tried, but we slide right back in (pun intended) to our old habits. Neither of us really wants to let go. We both know that him and the girls will be happier.
I know some woman will snatch them up and I will envy her because I will know what she has that I’m missing, them. I will know the love she is getting because I have experienced it. I had it and I’ve lost it.
How will it look for us to be just friends? He still has my heart, he always will.


So what now? How do we proceed? So far, we aren’t doing very well. Either we are trying to upset each other, we are in bed, we are both trying to take the blame, or we are ignoring the situation.
I don’t want to let go, but he needs me to. All three of them need me to let go. I don’t want to disappear, but how will it look? Any suggestions are appreciated.


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