Three little words

First with the positive. Overall, #2 had a good day. Actually, they all did. #2 did have a few moments where he was provoking the others and not listening, but definitely better than yesterday. Everyone went to bed and actually went to sleep.
Today was our first weekly parent class through the program. We meet and go over the main topic for that week for an hour. KD actually showed up. The topic was the steps of problem solving.

1. What is the problem?
2. What are some solutions?
3. Is it safe? Is it fair? How will others feel about this solution? Will it work? (To be asked of each solution)
4. What is the best solution?
5. Is it working?

It is all worth a shot if it helps. Also, the program doctor ordered a psychological evaluation of #2. Hopefully he can finally get help.

After my post last night, Alex and I went rounds. He told me to focus on me and my kids and what we need and not worry about him. I told him that if he wanted to break up with me to own it and do it because it is what he wants or needs, not because it is what he thinks I want. He told me that part of him wants to give up, but a bigger part is afraid to lose me. I asked him if he was breaking up with me and he said he doesn’t want to. I told him not to then. Then this morning I asked him where we stand. He had the nerve to ask if it was so I could call in his replacement. I flipped on him. He asked me where my ring was I told him on my finger. Then I didn’t hear much from him. He asked how my day was going a few hours later. We made small talk via text, nothing major.
Then the text came through that changed my mood, have me goosebumps, and almost made me cry. It was only three words, but they were the three words I needed to hear (well read). No, not “I love you.” This meant more to me at that moment.


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