Who do you call when you’ve had a bad day? Who’s voice do you want to hear? Who’s arms do you want to be in? My answer is Alex, but I don’t usually get to have any of this. That is the nature of our relationship. Always has been. I am beginning to wonder if it always will be.
He is pulling away again and I feel myself holding back more every time he does this. I feel like I can handle it a little easier each time. That scares me. I don’t want losing him to be easy, it should be painful.
I really don’t even have a friend to call. I have CE and sometimes I will meet him for a drink and vent. Sometimes I will text him and vent. I have the ladies at work, but I feel like I’m always Ms. Negative.
Met with the GAL today, finally. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. She doesn’t seem too bad. She hasn’t talked to KD yet because he hasn’t called her back (shocking). I get the impression that since it is recommended by the doctor, she will recommend the behavior program. I sure hope so.
For a kid who “doesn’t have any behavior problems,” I got a call from the principal on the fifth day of school because of his behavior. Really?
His doctor also wants him (#2) to be evaluated for ADD. My attorney told me to hold off giving the evaluations to the school until we could talk to the GAL. It came up today and she told me that if the doctor requests it, do it. So I gave them to his teachers when I picked the kids up today.
Got home and #1 has been asleep since like 4:00. I think she is exhausted from her middle school retreat last night. The boys and #4 helped me clean downstairs, without a fight. I am shocked.
I am going to sit on my couch, work on my crochet project, and watch a movie with the awake kids.
A2 just called to see if we could come over tonight, but I told her #1 is sleeping and I’m not planning on waking her up. I don’t think A2 was very happy about it, but I know how #1 is when she is over tired and I have no desire to deal with it. They won’t come over here because Alex can’t sleep in my bed, it hurts his back too much.
Well, I think #2 has almost finished helping #4 finish her dinner so we can put in a movie.

Have a great weekend.



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