“When I grow up I’m gonna be…”

Now KD is completely against #2 going into the behavioral program. We are supposed to go to court on it next week, but we all know how that gets put off. On top of that, he filed a contempt motion against me because of the declaration that we filed from the nurse practitioner. She has been seeing the kids for years. I had taken all four kids in for the girls’ well-child checks and #2 was misbehaving. The nurse practitioner called me the next day and told me that she is very concerned about #2’s deteriorating behavior. So, apparently there is some local court rule that says that no one can take the kids’ be evaluated or interviewed by any professional after a Guardian ad Litem is approved, unless the GAL approves. I did not take #2 in to be evaluated, it wasn’t even his appointment. The GAL refuses to start her investigation into our case until both of us have paid our court-ordered $50 to her. I paid mine last Friday, but as of Monday, KD had not paid his yet. I am just tired of feeling like I am the only one that has their best interest at heart.
On the bright side, KD’s attorney sent a fax to my attorney that told him KD’s mom is unavailable to supervise Monday through Friday. So, my attorney wrote a letter stating this to the state to show that I will now have the children over 50% of the time. Beginning September, I will have the kids on my food and cash assistance. That will make a world of difference in my life.

Alex and I rode on his motorcycle to Canada this last weekend. Just us all weekend. We went to the hot springs and just had a nice relaxing weekend. I hated having to come home. I feel at home with him. I just wish we didn’t have to be apart so much. It kills me. He has been a little distant since we came back to reality. I am hoping that it is just because he is busy. We do both have kids this week and I know that last night and tonight have been busy for him and the girls. I miss the girls.

When I came home from work today, #1 was on the computer typing up some of the things that she had written in her notebook. The computer died before we got home from their counseling appointment and I read some of what she had written. I cannot believe that my child wrote this. They were poems. One was about me and it made me feel like maybe I haven’t screwed up everything with her. Maybe I am not as horrible a mom as I thought.
I have decided that I really like my counselor. I see him every week. He actually asks me questions about what I say to him. He questions how I feel about things.

On our way home tonight, #4 made us all laugh. I apologize in advance if anyone is offended, but I still find this hilarious!!

#4: Will you buy me a dog when I’m an adult?
Me: You can buy your own dog when you’re an adult.
#4: I don’t have any money.
Me: You will have money when you grow up.
#2: Maybe she’ll be poor and live under a bridge.
#4: No, maybe I’ll be black.
Me: No, you will not be black when you grow up. You can’t be, it isn’t possible.
#4: Anything is possible with God.
#4: When I grow up, I’m gonna be black and have a dog.
#1: When I grow up, I’m gonna be lime green and have a spider.

I about died laughing. Kids are priceless.


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