What do I have to do?


No matter what he does, he gets a free pass. Beat your kids? Free pass. Commit welfare fraud? Free pass. Blow off your kids for most of your residential time? Free pass. Prevent your child from getting needed help? Free pass. Collect child support for kids you don’t have? Free pass. Constantly lie? Free pass. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a little fed up with KD today. I am sick of being at his whim, being at his beck and call, and having to bend to him. Over and over again. Isn’t that why I divorced him? Oh yeah, that’s why it took so long to divorce him, I was afraid of exactly this.


On the plus side, I think my attorney finally understands where I’m coming from. He keeps telling me that KD is playing into my hand, but this isn’t a game. These are my kids.

I just want what is best for them. I wish that everyone else involved wanted the same thing. They need their dad, but not the man he has become. They do not need that in their lives. They need someone that actually cares about them, all the time. Someone who will take an interest in what they need and want.
Found an amazing behavioral education class for #2. Thought KD was on board, but when it was time for him to start, KD was “unavailable.” So, my attorney is filing an emergency motion to compel KD to let #2 participate.
The state still has not done anything about the fraud that I reported. In addition, I keep reporting to them that I have them over 50% of the time and it is not enough for them. They want me to provide proof that it is more than a one-time occurrence. I do not know what else to provide to them. I think it is amazing that KD and his mother are unavailable to take the kids, but are available to attend the 6:30 PM doctor’s appointment and the 6:30 PM counseling appointment. Oh, that’s not bad for the kids…How do you explain to a 4-year old that Daddy and Grandma are unavailable when she sees them in front of her??
I just need to be held. Be comforted. Be told that I am doing the best I can and it will pay off. I need reassurance. I need to not feel alone. I need a friend who will listen to me on a moment’s notice because I just need a friend. I need to know that when I feel alone, I have someone that I can call.

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