That was a rhetorical question, thank you very much!

“Have a good day.”
“I woke up in your arms, how could it go bad?”
Silly me. I should know better than to say things like that.
However, my day started well. After the last five days, I was expecting an amazing day.
Spent the last five nights at Alex’s. I’ll tell you one thing, my bed feels empty. I have had a hard time falling asleep. I wish things were easier for us. But at the same time, I wouldn’t appreciate it so much if it was easy. I love him.
On Thursday, Alex told me that we are planning our Canada trip on the bike in 4 weeks. I got pictures of a landscape trailer hooked to KD’s truck.
Went to the lake with him, the girls, his boss, and his boss’ wife. Until that night, I had never had a reason to tell him how uncomfortable I am with deep water, especially lakes and rivers. I was trying to stay on the boat, but they wanted me in the water. I told Alex that I didn’t like getting in lakes and he kept telling me that I’d be okay because he was there. I finally got in. It was a nice evening. (Before you freak out, it was KD’s week, and he picked #1 up at home for his weekend.) The girls and Alex invited me to go to the coast with them in two weeks. I won’t have kids. Alex will because him and GM actually can talk and swapped weekends.
Saturday was a lazy day and I enjoyed it. Alex bought me a certificate to get a 2-hr mani-pedi done. We went to dinner and then over to his best friends’ to celebrate their birthdays. Played pool and visited, I always love hanging with them.
Sunday was another lazy day. I did do some LSAT studying, yuck. I did find 5 online ads for KD’s new lawn business. I immediately sent it to my attorney, DSHS fraud, and one of our local representatives for the state legislature.
Got the kids this morning, dropped them off at home and daycare, and went to work. Day was going great. I was in a good mood. Calls were decent. The the email came in. They are laying off ~300 people from our site alone starting in 60 days. They are keeping about 130 people. I was scheduled to find out my fate on Wednesday. I couldn’t wait. I was freaking out. I went to one of today’s meetings. I get to keep my job, for now. I still feel guilty. These people are my friends.
Tonight, I found out the pamper session may turn into a girls’ thing with a friend of ours. Excited!

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