Beautiful Disaster

 This is one of the quotes in Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire that made me smile. This was a total girl book, but I read most of the book in one night. I even stayed up until one in the morning finishing it.

Abby and her best friend America leave Witchita to escape Abby’s history. You don’t know what this history is for quite a ways into the book, but you understand it was bad.

America is dating Shepley, who lives with his crazy, underground fighter, womanizer of a cousin, Travis. He has tattoos up and down his arms, drinks, and sleeps with a different girl every night. Abby is unimpressed by Travis, but we quickly get the impression that Travis does not feel the same way.
The boilers go out in Abby and America’s dorm and the boys offer for the girls to stay with them. America thinks it is a great idea, but Abby is not so excited.

This is where the story starts to get exciting. Abby doesn’t want to sleep on the couch because this is where Travis sleeps with the women he brings home. Travis offers her his bed, but what Abby does not realize is that Travis is planning on sleeping with her in the bed. Eventually, Travis and Abby become good friends and everyone wonders what is going on behind closed doors. Well, everyone except the reader. The reader is aware that nothing is going on except a friendship.

Then the boilers get fixed in Abby and America’s dorm. So, a bet is made. If Travis loses this fight, he abstains from sex for a month. If he wins, Abby lives with him for a month. Well, since Travis doesn’t lose Abby loses the bet.

We get to watch Travis get jealous when Abby tries to date. Travis starts to change in little ways and the reader sees it, but wonders how Abby could be so blind. Eventually, Travis and Abby give in and become an item.


I loved this story. I laughed and cried all in one night. There were so many times that I could hear the Abby and Travis’ conversations because they reminded me so much of some of Alex and my conversations. I think this was part of the reason that I just couldn’t put it down once I really got into it.


These are some of my favorite quotes from the book:


“I don’t want to date her; I just want to be around her. She’s…different.”-Travis was saying this to America about Abby.

“Neither one of you will just come out and say it, that’s the problem. You’re both so scared of what might happen that you’re fighting it tooth and nail.”-America’s response when Abby says she doesn’t know how she feels about Travis.

“I’d do anything for that smile that’s on your face right now.”-Travis to Abby when he gives her a birthday present.

“I meant what I said before. You need to walk away, Pidge. God knows I can’t walk away from you…It doesn’t matter how hard I try. You’re going to hate me when it’s all said and done…I watch you sleeping a lot. You always look so peaceful. I don’t have that kind of quiet. I have all this anger and rage boiling inside of me—except when I watch you sleep.”-Travis to Abby.

“My stomach sank. ‘I don’t want you to be miserable.’ ‘Then don’t go,’ he said. His expression was so desperate that the guilt formed a lump in my throat. ‘I can’t move in her, Travis. That’s crazy.’ ‘Says who? I just had the best two weeks of my life.’ ‘Me too.’ ‘Then why do I feel like I’m never going to see you again?’”-This was Abby’s last night in the boys’ apartment.

“I know you deserve better than me. You think I don’t know that? But if there was any woman made for me…it’s you. I’ll do whatever I have to do, Pidge. Do you hear me? I’ll do anything.’ I turned away from his grip, ashamed that I couldn’t tell him the truth. I was the one that wasn’t good enough. I would be the one to ruin everything , to ruin him. He would hate me one day, and I couldn’t see the look in his eye when he came to that conclusion.”



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