It’s Monday…

This weekend was wonderful. Alex finished his last final Friday night. I am so proud of him!!! He is officially done with his bachelor degree and with a 4.0. Well, the last instructor is a little slow in grading his stuff, but I have no doubt that he will be just as fine in this class as he was in all the rest of his classes.

So, he had no homework and no kids. It was strange for sure. We relaxed all weekend. Movies on Netflix, love-making, food, and sleep, who could ask for more?

Went to pick up the kids this morning and KD informed me that #4 had been coughing and puked this morning. Once I had all the kids in the car and mentioned that I would have to miss work, #1 told me that #4 could stay home with her because I needed to go to work. Then, #2 decided he wanted to stay home and threw a fit when I told him no. It got out of hand and it turned into one of his major episodes (which is what I have started calling them). I threatened to call the police and actually did. Once he realized that I was serious and had called them, he calmed down and actually started to talk to me. Of course the police were still on their way. I asked him why he does it at my house and not Dad’s. He told me that it is because he is afraid of Grandma yelling at him because she already yells at him for so much. Then he made a comment about not being able to control it. When the officer got here and realized that he had calmed down, she canceled the call for back up and decided to have a discussion with #2. She told him that I was his mother and he did not have a choice, except to listen to me until he turned 18 and moved out. She told him that if they had to be called again, he would be going out the front door in handcuffs to juvenile hall and if it happened too many times, they would have to take him away completely. He went to daycare without incident. No parent should ever have to call the police on their own child. I just did not know what else to do.

I called his counselor and she is going to look into the behavior program for him. We are also going to discuss them going to her more than once every two weeks.

Talked to my attorney today. He had typed up a proposed order to try to get KD and his attorney to agree to #1’s San Francisco mission trip without us having to go to court on the motion we filed on it. No word yet.

Alex has been really quiet tonight and I asked him what was wrong. I knew what it was, but I asked anyways. The incident with #2 today reminded him how impossible what he wants is. I told him that I wish I could say something to make him feel better, but I know I cannot. So, I told him the only thing I can say: I love him, appreciate him, and I am not going anywhere as long as he’ll keep me around.

A1 called me tonight to see if the kids and I would come out tomorrow night to go swimming. I told her it depends on their behavior. Alex texted me and told me that she was grumpy because I did not just tell her yes. As I told him, I am not going to tell her yes if I don’t know. I don’t want to do that to them.

I am exhausted (between this morning and the heat), but this unseasonably hot weather makes me not want to go to my bed. I don’t want to close the windows downstairs because I want any breeze or cool air that might come tonight to come into the apartment. I am considering sleeping on the couch so that I can leave the two windows open, but I don’t know if I am comfortable with that. This apartment has no AC and my fan went belly up at the end of last year. BLAH!

Keep your fingers crossed or send up your prayers (your choice) that the visit from our city police is what #2 needed to scare him straight, that we all get some much-needed sleep tonight, and that I don’t melt before this heat advisory ends.

Counting My Blessings

I have been thinking that I need to be sure to end these with a positive. If nothing else, I need to remind myself that no matter how bad things are getting, I am blessed.

  1. #1.
    • I have an amazing daughter. She does need work in the behavior and respect departments, but overall I am very lucky to have her.
  2. Alex.
    • The most amazing man I have ever met loves ME (although most days, I have no idea why).
  3. My friends and acquaintances.
    • There are those that I only see at work.
    • There are those that I only talk to via text, Facebook, and an occasional call.
    • There are my readers.
    • When I really take the time to think about it, I have some amazing people in my life.

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