Give me a BREAK!

Today, I stood my ground!! After I finally put the computer away and laid down last night, KD texted me to tell me that I needed to pick up the kids still. I told him that was fine, but as a reminder, I had to have #1 on the opposite side of town today at 6:00 pm so he needed to figure out today(he usually picks them up about 6:15). We went rounds last night and I finally told him to leave me alone and not text me that late at night again. It started first thing this morning. So, I gave him three options:

  1. He could pick the kids up from the daycare before they were there for 10 hours and before the daycare closed;
  2. I could pick up the kids from the daycare and meet him about 6:30 half-way between his house and where I needed to have #1; or
  3. I could pick up the kids from the daycare and drop them off at his house on my way home about 8:30.

Of course, he refused and told me to talk to his attorney. So, I called my attorney at 8:00 am and left him a voicemail about the situation. Then, I called him again on my first break at 10. I explained what was going on and he told me he would call KD’s attorney. He called me back on my lunch and told me that KD had chosen option number 2. So, it probably cost him $200 to choose one of his original options. I was so happy that I felt like I had finally won a battle against KD.


I emailed Alex and told him. Then he went into one of his rampages about me having to be at KD’s beck and call still. After dealing with KD all morning, I was not in the mood for this. I told him that I was doing what I needed to for my kids. I have stood by him and tried to understand when he pushes me away because that was what he needed to do for his kids. Now, I am just asking that he show me the same respect. I know standing by me and watching KD jerk us all around is hard. I was in a mood for the rest of the afternoon.

Then I asked him if he was still going to meet me after I dropped off #1 at her meeting and the rest with KD. He basically told me that he didn’t want to wait around for that long. However, he was still in the area 15 minutes before I dropped the kids off with KD. He offered for me to drive to his house and hang out, but that kinda defeated the purpose of making KD meet me downtown, saving gas. So, instead I sat at a park in my car and talked on the phone to an old friend from out of town and then read a book. It was peaceful.

Picked up #1. I cannot believe that she is going into middle school. Came home, told #1 what needs to be done tomorrow before I get home from work, sent her to her room to read, and came in my room to do homework and watch tv.

I love Alex. I love the girls. He’s right, things are great until reality comes barreling in. Can we continue this way until one day when we can make it work? Can he handle the stress that me and mine bring in the meantime? If not, can we stay friends like we promised? Can we stay friends long enough that one day we can make it work? Only time will tell. All day, I have randomly caught a whiff of his cologne and each time, it calmed me, if it was even for just a minute.

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