This is what it looks like right now

So…met up with Alex last Thursday night. When I first got there, I didn’t know how to act. I ordered a drink to relax myself a little, sat on my hands next to Alex. At some point, he reached for my hand. He played with the blank place where my ring had been. Eventually, he reached for my right hand and tried to take the ring off, but it was stuck on my knuckle. I took it off and moved it for him. He reminded me that he loves me more than once. As we were leaving, we were good “friends” and each went to our own homes.

Friday night things were “normal” for the four of us (me, him, A1, and A2). Both girls told me that I could sleep in his room. The girls and I had a good day on Saturday.

Alex told me that since we couldn’t do anything for my birthday, we would celebrate it that night. He asked what I wanted to do for dinner and I told him that I wanted Mexican. He ended up driving me to the place that we went for our first date. It was so sweet.

We spent Sunday doing absolutely nothing. We watched movies on Netflix all day. We went for burgers for dinner (they were YUMMY!).

Then on Monday, I had to go back to reality. Dealing with the kids and KD bright and early. #1 went on her three-day field trip and it was just me and the younger three until this afternoon. For the most part, it was problem-free. Oh, there was some pestering, but nothing major. Then, #1 came home. I love her, but her attitude has just got to go. She seems like she is mad at the world and it worries me. I am wondering if she should be tested for depression. I wish she would talk to her counselor.

Next weekend is my big 3-0 birthday. Friday night, dinner with Alex, GM, A1, and A2. Then, a weekend of nothing. School will be over because I have finals on Friday. The kids will be with KD because it is his weekend and Father’s Day. Alex will be with the girls because it is Father’s Day weekend and the girls requested that it be just the three of them. So…another fabulous birthday planned. It is okay. Maybe it will be nice weather and I can sit at a park somewhere and read a book, or go to the lake and read. Just go do nothing. I do have both Thursday and Friday off paid. Have two tests on Thursday morning and three finals on Friday (my actual birthday), have the kids until 6:15 on Friday night, dinner with the girls, and ???

I did buy myself two new dresses as an early birthday present to myself yesterday. A friend of mine is more than likely going to do my tattoo this weekend, as my birthday present. This will be my first one. I want to combine the balloon that says “Sometimes you have to let things go” with the arrow (has to be pulled back to go forward).

Wore one of my new dresses today and sent Alex a picture of it. His response was “I see something is still in the right spot ;)” I smiled. It is interesting to me that we both say that it is just a graduation present, but the placement of it is still so important to both of us.

Well, it is almost 11 and I have been enjoying my reading before bed like I used to. I am caught up on homework and don’t have anything due until Friday night at midnight.