Wow, Two in one Day

Only one major issue with #1 since my post earlier. I take that back two. Mostly the same issue though. She cleaned her room. She did the dishes. Then she asked if we could watch tv together and I told her no. She asked if we could do something together. I told her she just needed to go to her room. She threw a fit because I just don’t care about her. I told her I am sick and tired of the disrespect and the back talk. She stomped off to her room and I didn’t hear from her again until she came and asked if I wanted her to make dinner. She made dinner and while it was cooking, I talked to her for a few minutes. Told her that she needs to watch her tone with people. Told her I am sick of being questioned when I say something. I am sick of being told no. I am sick of being asked the same question over and over again after I have given an answer. We ate dinner. I played a game of Monopoly with her and sent her to the shower. When she finished her shower, she sat on the couch and read a book. When I told her she needed to brush her teeth, she held up one finger as if to tell me just a minute and I told her that she does not tell me that, she just does it.

Haven’t heard much from Alex, except an apology for taking up my time that should have been spent on my family. I didn’t mean that. I explained to him that my not paying attention came long before him. Then I got a thank you when I sent him his graduation pictures from my phone. That’s it. Honestly, I am hoping that he is doing homework and just isn’t paying attention to his phone. However, I know that he looks when a text comes in. He just chooses whether or not to respond. Can’t really fault him. I am pretty sure that if the tables were turned, I would probably do the same. I mean, he is home alone in a quiet, peaceful home. After this weekend, I would probably turn my phone on silent if I were him.

I know he is still upset about this weekend and my kids. Especially #1. She was horrible. I don’t know why she seems to suddenly have a jealousy issue with Alex, A1 and A2, but she does. I don’t know what to do. I think that maybe it is time for me to change into my comfy clothes, turn on Netflix to watch Medium, climb in my bed, set the sleep timer on the tv, make sure my phone alarm is set, and doze into the night.

Good Night World!

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