For those of us that believe in God and Jesus, our church home is supposed to be a place of peace. I began going to this church when #3 was born and I was living with KD’s parents because they were the foster parents and this was their church. That was July of 2004. In April 2005, I was baptized and officially joined the church. I felt comfortable here. I felt accepted. We have been semi-regular attenders since.

When KD and I split it was hard to come, but I made sure I came most Sundays that I had the children. I started to feel uncomfortable because they all knew us as a family. KD’s parents, his mom especially, is very involved. KD always discouraged me from being more involved because of the time. Of course, I listened to him.

Today, our church commissioned our new deacons and elders. One of them was KD’s mom. I do not know how to feel about it. I do know that it decreased my comfort level ten fold.

I already felt uncomfortable about going to our church for help and comfort since the divorce. Now, it’s worse. What do I do?



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