Waiting Game

Sitting at the court house waiting. That feels like the story of my life lately. Waiting….for what? Everything. Answers, solutions, a miracle… I’m tired of waiting.

KD is harassing me for the court-ordered utility payment. Yes, it was ordered in April. I repeatedly asked for copies of the bills. I finally got the copies in December. Since then, it just hasn’t been a priority. I’ve been too busy trying to support four kids while paying child support. I will admit, money management has not been my strong suit. I need to find a system and stick to it.

Between KD, my rent, and gas, I need to come up with $300 before 3:00 PM today. Just need to borrow it until next week. Talked to my step-mom, no promises, but she will try. Fingers crossed. That would get everyone off my back. Register and pay for school for fall quarter and then ask Alex to hold my school card for me. Then, work my rear off. If KD would start having his kids during his time, I could work. I did the math, in the average two week period, I have them 289 hours to his 114 hours. Oh, but he still has 7/14 overnights and that is what our state looks at. Really?? You’re kidding me! He sits on his ass, collects child support, cash assistance, and food stamps while I struggle to make ends meet every month. He doesn’t even care about those kids. If he did, he would ask about #1. He would want to see if we could figure out what is going on with #2. He would give #1 her freaking Hippo.

I just want what’s best for everyone. I really do want him to have a relationship with his kids. I want them to respect him. I can’t force that though. He has to make the effort. He has to show that he cares.

Today’s hearing is to get a Guardian ad Litem. The statutes state that one has to be appointed when abuse is alleged. So, I’m not worried about it. I am worried that the commissioner will revisit KD’s contact with #1, even though there is no formal motion. He already has Charles freaked out about talking what is he going to do to her?


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