I have been on edge all weekend. I know that I should not be worried about the adequate cause and temporary order hearing tomorrow. I have plenty to back me up. However, it wouldn’t be the first time that it went bad.

I just worry about my kids. Actually, I worry either way. What if I do get them full time? Like I don’t have a hard enough time with them as it is? Only time will tell.

I pissed off Alex again. Seems to be a recurring theme lately. Before they left on Friday he had cleaned house. I thought the kids and I did a good job cleaning it back up after we were here on Saturday, but I missed some things. On top of that, he’s not feeling well. 😦
Was looking forward to spending time with him, but he’s asleep in his chair. I just hope he gets the rest he needs and feels better. Him and the girls don’t need him feeling like that again.

Actually, I am feeling pretty tired myself. Considering bed…and it’s not even 7:00.


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