Do you or Don’t you????

I did it!! I applied for financial aid and admissions last night for the paralegal certificate program! At the latest, I will start in September. Might get some of it done over the summer  though. At least I have an idea where I stand with that.

I don’t have a clue where I stand with Alex. I can feel the tension between us when we are together. Tomorrow is his birthday and I still don’t even know if he wants me there after KD picks up the kids. He keeps telling me he will ask the girls. I don’t want to know what they want, they already asked me to come over. I want to know what Alex wants. I asked him what he wants and he said, ” A happy stress free life.” Well, don’t we all. Either he wants me there becaue he wants me there, or not. No one can make that decision for him.

Had a talk with the kids today about me going back to school. The big kids said they are all for it because it will help me find a better job. We talked about the fact that they need to start helping around the house more and how we are going to increase that help. We discussed a chore schedule. Starting next weekend, we will all have certain chores that need to be done between Friday and Sunday nights. They have two different options, either they can each be assigned the same chore every week, or we can set up a drawing. Each chore will have a description and guide of what needs to be done.

Talked with #3 about his behavior at school. Informed him that there will be no tablet, iPod, or iPhone until I have seen a vast improvement in his behavior. When we got home tonight, he had leftovers while #2, #4, and I had pizza. Then, he went to his room, cleaned, and worked on his spelling words while we watched a movie. He went to bed at his school night bedtime. I then informed him that when he wakes up in the morning, both bathrooms need to be cleaned. I will make him a detailed list of what needs to be done. Then, he will be doing more spelling practice, probably some math practice,, and some cursive practice.

My stuffy nose has not gotten any better. In fact, it feels like it is getting worse. On the plus side, I finally got some Sudafed and that has helped quite a bit. Well, so did my little bit of extra time with Alex this afternoon ;-), but that helped more than just my sinuses.

Well, I am exhausted and headed to bed.


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