Normal is HIGHLY overrated

In case you aren’t aware, I am on Facebook (Mom in Reality) and Twitter (@mominreality). I was perusing Twitter today and this article ( ) was posted twice by @HuffPostDivorce. I read it the first time and giggled a little, but the second time I read it, I thought to myself, “Normal? Who wants normal?” My who life, I have been told that normal is highly overrated and that normal is relative (just not my relatives). I can completely understand where the writer is coming from, but I have to stick with “normal is relative” and what we see as normal is not always healthy.

Went to A1’s school play yesterday. She did great. After I picked up #1 from the bus, we went back to Alex’s to hang out. #1 sat and did her homework quietly. Alex made dinner. The tension was there, I could feel it.

Alex had asked me on Monday if I would bring him his fleece back. At first, I wanted to react and get upset, but I stopped. On Monday night, I put a few things in the pockets ( socks, underwear, lotion, perfume, hair tie, and a new blade for my razor). Then yesterday, I just hung it up in his closet. I figured it would give him the option of either keeping it there, or telling me to take it home. Tonight, he told me it was on the table by the front door because he didn’t know where I wanted them. I told him where ever he wants to put them. When we left tonight, I left them there.

 This weekend is Alex’s birthday. #2, #3, and #4 are at their father’s house. #1 will be at my mother’s house. Alex has plans with some of his motorcycle friends Friday night. He has the girls from Saturday morning to Sunday morning. All I have asked for is a few hours on Friday night after dinner with the guys. The girls have asked me to come over on Saturday, I told them we will see. I don’t want to be there, unless he wants me there because he wants me there, not because the girls do.

#3 is really struggling with his behavior at school again. The principal called yesterday and told me that #3 was horrible for their substitute teacher on Monday. Then, I got an email from his teacher today about his behavior in music. The principal stated that he is going to pair #3 up with one of his older custodian’s once a week for some good Christian mentoring. I am hoping that it will help. At this point, I am at a loss of what to do with him. I would really like to talk to him about it because they are going to start sending him home for his behavior. I am the one getting punished for that because you know that KD’s mom won’t miss work for it on his weeks. That means that I will have to miss work for it. Oh goody.

Well, I have much more on my mind, but I am starting to drift off and the part of my brain that makes sense seems to be going first. Good night!!