Just don't do it!

Just don’t do it!

Finally heard back from the detective today…they don’t have probable cause to go forward with a criminal investigation. Seriously?? What will it take for KD to actually get in trouble for hurting these kids? All this does is show these kids that no one can protect them from him. It also shows them and him that one can do whatever they want to and get away with it.

I left the detective a message stating that I do not understand. I know that he said he did not expect it to go criminal, but I just do not understand how he can continue to get away with hurting them. I spoke with the social worker (the nice one). I told her what the message from the detective said and she told me that she has not heard anything yet. She also said that she is sure they will recommend that the action plan continue to be followed. If Jason does not agree to follow it, they will decide what to do from there.

I called Pat next. He said our Motion for Revision hearing is next Thursday and KD was served all of the papers on Monday night. He said he will be requesting a copy of the police report. Again, all I can seem to say is, SERIOUSLY???

Stayed home with #4 today. She was still not feeling better and it was time for her to go back in. The doctor said o give it one more week and bring her back in if she still feels icky. We ended up meeting my mom for lunch because she was in town and had gas money for me. Then we went to the mall to return/exchange a few items. I ended up getting two new pairs of  slacks at Sears because apparently the two pairs I had are too baggy on me. I am down to a size 10 comfortably. If I continue to work on my figure, I will be down to an 8 in no time. I never thought I would get there. I am going to try to go back to my consistent tracking of food and exercise. Well, maybe I will at least try to increase my physical activity level. If I find any easy/quick methods, I will share them with you. The Lazy Girl Fitness posts are awesome and I will probably continue to reblog them so that we can both find them in one place easily.

I am really missing Alex and the girls tonight. I feel like it has been so long since I have seen them. I was getting used to the way things were. He sent me a picture of the three of them snuggling before bed. He looks so exhausted. I wish there was something I could do to help him get some sleep. I am hoping that the three of them have a mellow weekend planned so that maybe he can get some rest. He needs and deserves it. Right now, I want his arms wrapped around me telling me he loves me. Even the thought of it gave me goosebumps. I still get the butterflies too.