Its not ALL bad!

Last night was AMAZING! Actually, all of yesterday was good.


Started yesterday morning when I put on my dress and realized that I have lost more weight, too bad my boobs won’t shrink.

When I dropped #1 off at the daycare yesterday morning, the director (Colleen) told me that the social worker called on Thursday. (We have two social workers. Melissa is the regular social worker and Heather is the investigative social worker). It is that time of the month that Melissa is doing her health and safety checks on the kids. She sees the kids once a month and checks in with everyone to make sure all is going well. Colleen told me that there were two things that Melissa asked for the teachers call intake and report. One of them I knew about, but didn’t really think anything of it. On the way to the bus one morning, #2 and #3 were arguing and one punched the other. When the teacher said something about it, the puncher said he learned it form his dad. The other incident is the one that really bothers me. They were having circle time in #4’s class. All the kids were supposed to tell of something they had done good. #4 shared that she had helped dad pull down #2’s pants so he could get a spanking. OMG!!!

Everyone asks if this type of thing happened before I moved out. My honset answer is this…not that I knew of. After our big CPS case in 2004, I was never 100% certain of what had or hadn’t happened. I was the main disciplinarian in the family from that point forward. Until late 2007, the kids were fairly consistently in daycare during the day. Then, they were at school. So, technically, KD never really had the chance to do anything to them.

Told Pat about it and he would like to talk to Colleen and also get a written statement from both teachers. Pat was hoping to get KD served with the modification papers yesterday. He said that he may still have me file the DV protection order.

Then, I went to work. Work was very uneventful, the way it should be.

I picked up #1 from the daycare after work. It was nice to be able to see the other three kids. I even gave them hugs. It was a little difficult because #4 had a hard time when I was leaving because I was not taking her with me. We talked about the fact there were only three more sleeps until she got to see Mommy again.

#1 and I met Melissa at our place. We talked a little. She thought it was wonderful that #1 was going to spend the night with GM last night and then having a friend spend the night tonight.  Tonight is the first night that #1 has ever had a friend spend the night…ever. I am excited for her. So far, it seems to be going well.

Back to last night. Met GM at Alex’s so she could get #1. Then Alex hugged me. I thought he was never going to let go. It was…perfect. We decided to go to a really nice steak house so I called to make the reservations. Then he took me to the floor (good thing I got the softcup figured out). We went to dinner. I left my phone at his apartment. On the way there, I tried not to talk about the kids or KD or any of the other crap, but I realized that when I take all of that out of my conversation, I really don’t know what to talk about.

Dinner was amazing. It was nice to see Alex smile and not look forced. After dinner, we went home and snuggled on the couch. We tried to find a movie on Netflix, but ended up just going to bed. The snuggling was great. He held on tight, all night long.

I was going to got to work today, but I decided that I was comfortable. Alex went to class. I got up, showered, made a cup of coffee, sat down and relaxed. It was very nice. I started a load of laundry for him. Once he got home from class we spent a little time together while we waited for GM to bring #1.

I brought #1 home and then her friend showed up for their sleepover. I made the girls dinner and left them home for a little bit so I could go see Alex and some of our friends. I came home and set up the modem that Alex sent home with me to see if it would work and it does. Tomorrow, after #1’s friend goes home, we will head out to Alex’s to do laundry and hang out. Not sure if he will be there or not. Tomorrow is his first scheduled ride of the season. He isn’t sure if he is going or not, it depends on how his back feels and how cold it is.

It is so nice to have him back. I know that it will not be easy, but I refuse to give up on him. I refuse to give up on us. I keep hoping that I will get the kids full time  that it will help their behavior. Maybe, one day…

Ok friends, time for bed. Morning will come all too early.

2 thoughts on “Its not ALL bad!

    • Sorry it took so long to approve you…the system spammed you since it was “anonymous.” Whenever you see this, Alex, know I am thinking about you and I love that you read this and I still feel like I can be honest with it.

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