I should be asleep

I worked an entire shift today!!! The last one was February 13. It was exhausting, but now I can’t sleep.

I think it’s nerves. It’s been so long since Alex and I had a date night and things have been so stressed with us that I am actually nervous about tomorrow night. I am giddy, excited, nervous, hopeful, scared, did I mention excited?

He wants me to wear my dress (my goal dress). I did a preliminary shave tonight. I will shave again in the morning. Trying to decide if I will wear it all day, or change before we go out. I plan on doing my hair right before I head over there.

#1 will be staying the night with GM and the girls. This accomplishes many things. First, it gets her some time with other kids and the chance to spend the night somewhere. Second, it gives her and I time apart. Third, it gives Alex and I a date night. I am sure that GM knows I’ll be with Alex. She knows that I have had #1 full time. Probably assumes that Alex and I haven’t seen much of each other because of that. She knows him and can tell when he gets in one of his moods. In fact, I am sure that she even hopes that him and I spend some time together. What he does not know yet is that #1 may be occupied Saturday night too. If he will have me, without taking away from the time he needs, I want to spend it with him.

I am tired, but not sleepy. I know I am rambling. I can feel that. I just can’t seem to relax, I am too nervous and excited. Time to put a picture of Alex on my screen and try to sleep.