Failing, yet again

I bought a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet and it works for my phone too. That means should be able to post more often.

Despite an amazingly rough week, I am feeling pretty good right now. I have all six kids here tonight. Right now, they are all upstairs making a tent for them all to sleep in tonight. I am curious to find out how well it will go.My guess is that #4 will end up in her own bed. They are all getting along great, but Alex would be going nuts if he was here because they are definitely not quiet. It is not bothering me because they are not fighting and they are having fun together.

Had to make another CPS report this week. KD gave #1 a bloody nose on Wednesday morning. She told me about it as soon as she got off the bus and I immediately called to make the report. On Thursday, I convinced her to tell a teacher. This turned into her having to tell the principal. Since they are mandatory reporters, this resulted in another report. Then after making some calls, I called and filed a police report. An officer met me at the school and asked me questions, but since #1 is under 12, someone trained to interview children under 12 has to it. The officer said he would file his report and we would hear back.

I called the social worker (same one) and found out that since there is one safe parent (me), they cannot do much. So, once again, I tried to file a restraining order. It was denied because I did not have a statement from law enforcement or CPS. I notified the social worker and she told me that the case had been assigned to a detective, but the detective is out until next week. Really?

After school, #1 was complaining that her nose still hurt so I scheduled her a doctor appointment for Friday morning. I waited until Friday morning to tell KD that I had even made the appointment. Of course he showed up. He also brought his mother. I tried to object to her going into the room with us, but no one listened to me. The doctor asked her what happened to her nose. She told her that it got hit. The doctor asked with what. #1 said a hand. The doctor told her not to make her pry it out of her and then asked who’s hand. #1 pointed to KD and said “his.” The doctor spun around and asked KD when it happened. “As far as I know it didn’t.” Then he told the doctor that I had tried to get a restraining order but it was denied. The doctor looked at me and I told her that #1 had told me as soon as she got off the bus on Wednesday. The doctor sent everyone, except #1 to another room so she could talk to her alone. Next thing I knew, the doctor was calling me into her office. She asked what #1 had told me. I told her and the doctor said that it matched what #1 had told her. Then she said she was going to send KD and his mom to the waiting room and take me in while she did a full physical on #1. Then she called the social worker and told her that she did not want #1 to go back there. The social worker told her to call law enforcement. The doctor did. However, law enforcement told her there was not enough physical evidence to do anything. The doctor was unhappy to say the least.

I feel like I am failing my kids by not being able to protect them from KD.

Alex hasn’t gotten any less far away. I love him and want him to be happy, but I cannot promise him mellow anytime soon.

Today, I asked if he wants me there tomorrow when he gets home from class. This was our conversation:



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