7:36 AM
Sitting here in Alex’s living room almost ready to walk out the door for court (child support) thinking that even though it feels like so many things are going wrong for me, I really am a very lucky woman. My kids may not be the best behaved, but they love me. I have a caring, considerate, loving, thoughtful, smart, gorgeous boyfriend who has two amazing daughters that love me. I have family that may be royal pains most of the time, but they love me. My job may pay horribly and not be what I want, but I have a job and they have been great with all that has been going on over the course of my employment.

9:03 AM
KD’s attorney is objecting to the child support motion being heard. I’ll know very shortly what’s going on. I am so scared. I am tired of being railroaded. I know that this is partially my own fault, but I am tired of trying so hard and only feeling like I’m going backwards while life continues to be handed to KD on a silver platter.



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