Christmas 2012

I know that Christmas isn’t about the gifts, it’s about The birth of Jesus and the family time. This year is hard for me. When I was growing up, it didn’t seem to matter what finances were like, we could always look forward to Christmas presents. We could also look forward to the big family Christmas Eve. When I got married, we always did Christmas with KD’s family, but it was a big Christmas. I couldn’t afford Christmas this year. I did pick up a couple of things (probably shouldn’t have) and got a few things from Toys for Tots for the kids. We opened presents last night with my mom, brothers, and Grandma. Mom and brothers stayed the night. This morning, the look on my kids’ faces when they got their stuff out of their stockings broke my heart. They each got a beanie baby (Toys for Tots) and a bottle of Sesame Street hand soap (Grandma).

As soon as everyone left today, we took down the decorations and the tree. Christmas is over. The new year is coming and I hope 2013 is better.

I don’t know

***while typing this, I received a text from KD that he would like to see the kids. #1 decided she needed a shower before she went. As she was getting out, she slipped and fell. Landed on her arm and ended up with a buckle fracture. ***



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