**eye roll**


Ever have one of those days? Pretty sure I am having one right now. My children are driving me crazy! I am sure it is because I was home with #2 and #4 all day. #2 had a stomach ache and KD was too busy to be home with him. He was being annoying all day. Every little thing has been setting him off.


I want Alex. I miss him. Yes, I have spent the last week with him and the girls, but it seemed like he was so far away mentally. I think I upset him more tonight. He doesn’t have school or the girls tonight and so I invited him to dinner with the kids and I. He told me that it depended on what was going on. Then this morning, he said that he was probably just going to go home and do laundry and homework. He didn’t hardly talk to me all day, normally I get 3-12 emails from him at work a day. I just figured all of this was his way of telling me that he needed some time to himself. When I told him I was going to try to leave him alone, apparently it offended him. That wasn’t my intention. I was just trying to let him have his time. Between A1’s appendicitis Thanksgiving and his gum infection, he has been exhausted.

With A1’s hospital visit, GM and I are on a different level. I think she realizes that I love Alex and the girls. I could see her and I becoming friends long before I could see KD and I becoming friends.


I just wish KD and I could get along. It would be so much nicer for the kids and it would ease the stress on both of us too.

The last week has been amazing. I spent all week with Alex and the girls. In fact, on Saturday GM was out-of-town and Alex had class. My kids were with KD. So, I got to spend the day with the girls. Nails, shopping, baking, cleaning, and relaxing.

Right now, I would love for Alex to walk through the door and tell me he loves me. I would even be happy with him getting here after the kids are in bed. Come in, tell me how sexy he finds me, give me that look (the one that says he can’t wait to touch my skin), and then take me.