Surprise Weekend Getaway Idea

Guys, are you trying to find the perfect way to surprise your girl? Do the unexpected.

Yes, I know this isn’t my usual post type, but thought I would throw something new out there.

Start by asking her out to dinner on Friday night. Tell her to be ready by a certain time. Tell her that the only thing you will tell her is that it is a nice restaurant. When you show up, have her favorite flowers sitting in the car.

What she doesn’t know is that you have a plan. You either need to have access to her clothes or you need to enlist the help of someone who does. You need to pack her a weekend worth of clothes, without her noticing. Do not forget a toothbrush, her hair stuff, deodorant, and makeup. Have all of this hiding in the trunk of your car when you pick her up.

Take her to her favorite restaurant for dinner and suggest an evening drive after dinner. Once you get on the road, drive to your prearranged destination (bed and breakfast, hotel). When you get there tell her that you have planned this weekend getaway. Make sure you have some plans, but not too many. Plan something just for her (hair, nails, spa, massage) and something for you to do while she is having her time. Make sure she has a keepsake from the weekend that will always remind her. Even if its just a picture of the two of you framed with little things from the weekend (menu, flower, something from hotel/b and b).

Trust me, this should go over well. Your girl will appreciate the vacation and your spontaneity. You don’t even have to go far to make this work. Just find local things that you aren’t necessarily familiar with. Have fun with it!!



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