I love you

It is amazing what three words can do to a person. Think about the first time you heard your child say “I love you.” the first time your spouse said it. The first time your in-laws said it to you. What about the first boy (girl) told you?

Tonight, as Alex and the girls were leaving, A1 told me she loves me. I was speechless. Mind you, I’m emotional today anyways, but I almost cried. I love those girls as of they are my own.

I know this isn’t a long post, but I wanted to get you thinking tonight. Hope you are well.




One thought on “Love

  1. Hi,my daughter told me a beautiful thing. She was filling out a friend’s slam book that had a statement ‘I LOVE YOU because…..’Rather than writing her reason she wrote that the statement is wrong.There can be no because after I Love You.
    This is the power of pure unconditional love that children have.

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