Which battles and how to fight them

I am finding that picking my battles is almost as hard as picking how to fight them. Not only with my children, but with everyone.


I have spent the last few months trying to decide which battles I really want to fight with my children. I have spent the last 11 years fighting the battles KD wanted me to fight. Now, I have to decide which issues are really important to me and not just residual from KD. I have to admit that I have been fairly lax over the last few months out of fear and doubt of my own parenting abilities. However, I have gained some new resolve and things will change at my house.


I have also found that choosing how to fight my battles with the kids is almost as hard for me as choosing which battles to fight with them. I would like to retrain my children with respect and love. I want them to understand that I do what I do because I love them and want them to love and respect others. I want them to understand that we are supposed to show respect to people whether we feel they deserve it or not.


I am also having a hard time picking the battles I want to fight with KD and how to fight them. I really don’t have the time, money, or energy to fight all the battles. I just really want to be able to have a simple conversation with him without a fight.