The “Bunch” Gets Along

Wow. I am starting to wonder if I am meant to even write this post. This is now the third time I am starting it. I think I will not be giving you as much detail as I had first planned. Maybe this time I can actually get all of this out.

I have decided that Alex’s exwife/the girls’ mom needs a name. I think that as time goes on, she may come up more. If nothing else, just because of my frustration with her choices as a mom sometimes. So, she shall be called…GM for girls’ mom. Yeah, I know, not creative. Get over it. Now, we continue with the rest of the story.


I guess the best place to begin us last weekend…Alex got a call from GM asking if he is seeing me. From what I understood, she just wanted to make sure he is happy, I am away from KD, and that no one tries to replace her as the girls’ mom. I told Alex I would never try to do that. I learned from the best on that. I remember when I was about 7, I called my stepmom “mom” and she corrected me out of respect for my mom, but she has always made sure I know she is there for me when I need her. That is my intention, I will be there for them, no matter what, but they have a mom. In fact we have already had that conversation, but that is jumping ahead a little…


Monday night, I got a series of texts from Alex after he picked up the girls from daycare. A1 says to him,

Mommy said it’s ok of you have a girlfriend cuz then she can have a boyfriend too. It’s ok with me, but can she have kids?

oh, but they can’t live with us, we don’t have enough room

Shortly after this, my phone rings. I answered it and it was A1 giggling. “Do you have a boyfriend?” All I could think was, this is a trick question. So I told her, “Kinda, why?” “My daddy wants to take you on a date.” I asked what she thought and she thought it was a good idea. Well, by this time I was beaming with joy, but trying to get four kids and groceries into the van so I got off the phone with her. Then I get a text from Alex telling me that A2 was sad because she didn’t get to talk to me. So, I told him to have her call me. Went through the same conversation with her that I did with A1. A1 got back on the phone telling me how she would have three sisters and two brothers and they could share a room. The boys could have her bed (the bottom bunk). I told her that I don’t think their two bedroom apartment is big enough for all eight of us. “Then we can live at your house.” I told her my place was not big enough either and I hear Alex in the background telling her that is a ways down the road.


Let’s fast forward to yesterday. I was off work a little early and Alex invited me to stop and say hi before I went to get my kids. Of course I said yes. [:-)] When I got there, the girls were in the pool. A1 decided to give me a great big hug, leaving a wet spot in the shape of her swim suit top on my shirt. I hung out at the pool with them and went with them when they headed back to their apartment. A1 was dragging me by the hand to her room, I think she thought I was going to leave before she came back out. I assured her I would still be there. Both girls let me brush their hair and hugged me before we all left. Alex said that is a big step because A2 doesn’t hug just anyone.

When I was waiting at Alex’s car with A1 and A2, A1 decided to tell me that I was going on a date with her daddy. I figured that I would ask her opinion of what we should do. She told me that her dad is not a big fan of dancing so not that. (I already knew this and that’s okay because the only dancing I do is slow.) She then suggested a bar. Then decided a fancy restaurant. Then she told me I was going to be her mommy. I said, “No, you have a mommy already.” “Well my step mommy.” I told her I thought we should probably go on a date first.


Then, Alex invited the kids and I to meet them at his best friends’ (M&M) house. We all hung in the garage (aka man cave) while the kids played. The adults, except me, played pool. A2 came in and decided to cuddle on my lap. Then A1 decided she wanted to cuddle later. I think that #1 was a little jealous because she was trying to join A1 on my lap. Found out that #2 likes and has serious potential at pool.

Tonight, Alex and the girls came over for dinner. It was amazing! The kids played together so nicely. A1 and #2 seemed to bond well and A2 and #1 seemed to bond well. I was impressed. We are supposed to go over there tomorrow after church for lunch and some swim time.

I just realized that I may not have shared the ages of A1 and A2. A1 is 7.5 and A2 is 5.5. They fit in well, looks and ages.

Well, my eyes keep trying to close on me so I better go to sleep.



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