What’s the name?

Some days I really miss having a computer. Like right now. I would really like to type this on a computer. It would be so much easier. I am laying in my bed, typing on my phone while I wait to make sure all four kids are asleep.

#1 started her first menstrual cycle this last weekend. Poor girl was with KD when it happened. Luckily, we had already talked about it some. Do you know go he handled it? Had her read about it on the Internet and told her that tampons are gross and unsanitary. I cannot believe him. So, yesterday I told her that pads or tampons, it’s her choice. Both are available for her. She just needs to tell me which to buy her when she runs low.

This weekend was great. Saw BFF on Saturday. Alex went on a ride with a friend. His best friend’s birthday was Saturday night. His mom talked to me. We spent all day Sunday together.

I have decided that it is time to give his girls names, but I am not sure what…A1 and A2, or #5 and #6…
What do you think???

Once I figure it out, I’ll tell you about yesterday…


2 thoughts on “What’s the name?

  1. I like A1 and A2. It gives them the identity with him and also has you refer to them in a similar way your refer to your own. I am not in your space just yet, but also recently divorced… i have not yet come across these issues on your journey but, I think, would want to recognize and celebrate the importance of relationship between them and their father. I’m happy for you.

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