Late night Ramblings

Well, my period started. The nausea comes and goes. It’s 230 in the morning and I’m going for tampons because I don’t have any.

Left Alex’s by 5:00 this morning. At work by 6:00. Took a nap at 7:00. Back to work from 8-2. Ran errands until 445. Nap from 5-745. Work from 8-130. Showered and tried to go to bed, but my cramps were killing me. Now that I’ve gone to the store, I am wide awake.

I won’t lie. Even as unlikely and impractical as it would be, I was a little bummed when my period started. I know that is not anywhere near what we need, especially not right now, but it was fun to think about.

Alex is going on a ride tomorrow for some time to himself. I considered going to work for a few, but I guess now it depends on when I finally get to sleep. I have to make a pasta salad for a birthday party tomorrow night. Alex’s best friend is turning 50. Excited that his friends include me so much.

BFF texted me yesterday. Might make an effort to try to see her tomorrow. I don’t know though. I love her, but I am tired of her bs. Sometimes she is worse than a jealous boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong, she has been a great friend, but sometimes….

I keep thinking about the comments that #1 made last weekend. I think the kids really like Alex. #1 called him cool. She also made two different references to me marrying him. I asked that she please let me finish divorcing her dad before she has me marrying anyone else. This is the kid who normally plays shy, even with people she has known, including my mother. I think she likes Alex. I think all the kids see the difference in me, I know other people have noticed and pointed it out.

Well, it’s almost 330 in the morning and I should probably consider sleep. Maybe this time when I crawl in bed, Alex will roll over enough that I can get in the bed. 🙂



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