Have regret?

Somedays I think back to the early days of mine and KD’s relationship and I wonder why I never saw the neon signs that said, “BAD IDEA!” then I remember that I am who I am because I didn’t see those signs, or chose to ignore them. I have four amazing kids, a great boyfriend, good friends, and happiness.


Court was continued for two weeks, but I do have a meeting with a volunteer lawyer the day before. Basically, they won’t represent me, but they will advise me on what to do and answer any questions that I have. That will be nice because then I won’t feel so alone in the legal process. I have some idea of what I am doing, but sometimes I feel like it is all so far over my head.


3 thoughts on “Have regret?

  1. Everything in life happens for a reason. Our paths may take turns and detours, but I’m happy that our paths led us to each other.

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